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I have always loved German Shepherds every since I was a little girl. My aunt had one and his name was King. Extremely smart dog. It took me over 20 years to get some of my own. The german shepherd is the only dog i truly like. Personality wise they are extremely smart, extremely loyal, very gently around kids, and you can train them for just about anything you desire in a dog. Very easily trained. I have always wanted to breed them to get the best personality with the beautiful show quality and loving temperment a german shepherd can have.


I like the working dogs that is in society helping in one

way or another. I am into training my dogs search and rescue, cadaver,

agility, CGC certification(Good Canine Citizenship). This is all

a work in progress, I just became an evaluator/trainer for AKC CGC

in 2012. I have started learning the search and rescue through a

trainer in 2012 as well.



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