Deposits for up and coming puppies       5 female 2 male 1 either
Deposits for specific litter                          2 male 3 female

Keep in mind I will not change # on deposits until person with deposit takes a puppy home. Just in case any issues come up with their pick. I have 2 pups on this list that have a puppy pick at this time. I will keep this updates as much as possible. The deposits are slightly confusing please scroll to the bottom of this page for a more in depth explanation. 

Please scroll to the bottom for questions concerning deposits.

Please scroll to the bottom for information on puppies as well as more litters on the way.

Please keep in mind I post estimated due dates of pups once females breed this does not guarantee they will have pups. The due date is if the breeding was successful. I will post verified on estimated due date once I know female was bred which is normally a few weeks before they are due unless a large litter then they will show earlier.

Shadow and Sarge due date July 12, 2018 

Sarge and Raven estimated due date August 23, 2018

Diesel and Kona estimated due date August 24, 2018

Sarge and Bella born May 4, 2018     sold

  I will have a puppy day at 4 weeks to choose your puppy. I feel at this time you can start seeing the coloring and personality of the puppy and I can see that all puppies are healthy and can go home when they are 9 weeks. $2500 total cost includes deposit. Puppies will include a vet certification of health with the first vaccine,  microchipped, AKC puppy packet, AKC and microchip registration is paid for and mailed off by me, a one week health guarantee, 3 obedience training sessions after pup goes home.  Please check out the facebook Vintar German Shepherd for more information and updates. There will be a lot more pics and videos posted on facebook than on the website  of puppies growing, learning and training with the pack. I will be setting up CGC S.T.A.R. puppy class estimating a month after puppies go home. This class is not part of the free lessons given. 

Explanation on Deposits

Leaving a deposit for up and coming puppies. There is a $500 nonrefundable deposit that will go on price of puppy total price including deposit $2500. At this time, I will only take deposits in person or mailed personal check, money order, cashiers check or cash for deposit. You can choose to get a puppy from any of the up and coming puppies or wait for the litter you want or wait for 1st pick. It will be in order of deposits given. There is no guarantee on how long it will take for a puppy. So please do not leave a deposit unless you are truly set on getting a puppy from my pack. I will have 2 categories for deposits. The first deposits will be for a specific parent, I cannot guarantee specific parents in the first, if the female does not want to breed with a male, I will put her with a different one. So, it would be better to pick mom or dad, not mom and dad. The 2nd choice in deposits will be for any pup, you will need to specify male or female. If you choose to mail in a deposit please put your name, address, phone number, email as well as best way to contact along with information on male or female pup or specific litter you want to wait for. If you want a specific litter the same rule applies anyone that has put a deposit before you will have pick first. I do want to explain as well that if for unknown reason I lose a puppy or have an unhealthy puppy that owner will get first pick of the next litter. I will give an option to change your choice if for example I have all male pups born. So you have an idea of how many male and females are taken on the deposits but if a person wants a pup and changes their mind I will give them that option so they can take a pup home sooner if they so choose. This all will go on order of deposits given.

Puppy training

The puppies are usually potty trained by time they go home. The pack is never without food or water. I work with each puppy. They will be leash trained, light basic obedience and agility training. They are taught to take food without snapping at fingers, and they will usually understand basic commands such as sit, they also learn to mingle with the pack and know how to be around other dogs and animals. They will know their name by time they go home.  If you are looking for a breeder you need to let me know. I generally sell family or service dogs only.

Dog food

All dogs are feed Purina One their bowls are kept full. I do not believe in limiting dogs on food. Limiting them on food creates food aggression. None of my dogs are overweight including Dixie who has been spayed since she was a year and a half


I feel the puppies are too young to be shipped. It is difficult enough as babies to leave your home, much less shipping them like a piece of mail.  There is no exceptions on this so please do not ask.

The best place for updates on pics and videos is on facebook. It takes too long to load on the website.

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