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Sophie $1500 born October 22, 2016 scroll down for information

Sophie at 5 weeks

Sophie is a Moogle / Sarge puppy. She was born without a tail. She has lots of energy so she will need an active home. She is also a dominate female with zero fear of anything so she will need a confident owner. Sophie has not had a good life and I am looking for someone that she can finally find her forever home.  Her first home she stayed at less than a week. Owner did not realize what getting a puppy would mean. Her second home did not give her structure on manners at all and the children in the home played rough with her so she played rough back. Owner said she bite her son so instead of bring her back to me deliberately gave her to the animal control and told them she bite a child knowing she signed over her death instead. A rescue stepped in to save her but in the rescue were many malinois that were very aggressive and I feel she was attacked a few times. She did not gain any fear out of this experience just didnt help her manners any.  Her third home had children that played with her. No aggression shown she just has not been taught manners on how to treat children. Her third home let her off leash which in her training she was not ready for. She was in a fight with another dog and manager told them they had to get rid of the dog. I have been working with Sophie testing her on aggression. She is not showing any signs of aggression. Her issue is being a dominate female with zero fear will get herself in trouble. She had no idea of any proper greetings with dogs or people I have worked with her 3 days now and she has learned proper greeting with dogs and with people. She is very playful and loves to run and play. She is a very joyful playful dog. Very smart learns very quickly but needs someone she can depend on continue teaching her manners. She is like a 9 week old pup in a year old pup body. Working with her in the short amount of time I have had she has learned to walk on a loose leash, will walk past dogs in a fenced area without very little pulling which in the beginning she pulled with all her strength to greet the dog. Still working on the come command but much better. She  would not look at a person giving her commands she now is targeting me and listening to me. She is still a puppy and does have alot more to go in training. more videos of her training on my facebook page Vintar German Shepherd. There will also be more updates on Sophie as I go further in her training on facebook.

Lina born April 13, 2016

I just got Lina back, She is spayed, I will not rehome her until after december 15 just so I can see what issues she has and let the new owners know what kind of training she will need. At the moment very impressed with her behavior. Nice manners. Dominate on the leash so if she see something she wants to go look at she is going to go look at it. So leash training is definitely something she needs work on. Very sweet and loving she does not seem to have manners with no jumping so we will see about that as well. I will update this after the week on her behavior. She is still a puppy and learning manners