Please read the options on getting an adult dog at the bottom of this page..

Please keep in mind just because I have a low price on the adult dogs does not lower their value for me. I dont like seeing the dogs kept in kennels. I want them to find a home where they can run, play and be loved. I do my best to avoid keeping the dogs in kennels. I do my best to give the dogs as much freedom as I can, but doing it in the safest way possible having so many working breed dogs in my home. 

Angel born May 1, 2020                 $300

Angel is a very sweet loving girl that gets along with most of the dogs if introduced properly. She is very sweet and loving to people. Loves activities like hiking and camping. Does great on offleash walking once she bonds with you. She is an escape artist. She can open most kennel and household doors so be aware of that. She is one smart cookie. :) Angel does very well with the pack but I had to put her in a kennel alone because she kept opening the kennels and not very long ago let the pack out with another group of dogs that was not a good combo.. I almost lost 2 dogs from that. So I have her kenneled alone so if she does break out she is the only one getting herself into trouble which for the most part she gets along with everyone.. She was rehomed once and within a day brought back. She was not properly introduced to the little dogs in the home and decided they were food.. My dogs have been around little dogs, kids etc.. and know how to behave themselves ... proper introductions is absolutely necessary... 

Milo born 4/11/19                   $300

Milo Im retiring because he got a bacterial infection that caused him to go sterile. He was put on antibiotics for a month to clear it up. He is overall a healthy energetic boy that is bouncy and playful with his family. Extremely loyal and protective. Milo was returned to the pack extreme dog and people aggressive. He now does really well with meeting strangers coming to meet the dogs. He is secure in our home and feels safe. His issue was fear aggression. His first owner was a very dominate person that unknowingly turned Milo fear aggressive towards dominance. He very much loved Milo and I had him help rehabilitate Milo in a more gentle way of training. Milo was taught to be very physical so I worked a lot on how he plays with me. He is extremely gentle and submissive to me but one thing I have not been able to teach him is how to be gentle to the pack. He is overly dominate and plays hard. I can keep saying dominate in everything Milo does but I will say he is not a dominate dog. It is a behavior he learned. He honestly is very sweet and submissive to the people he loves. But very much a bully to other dogs. If I am with him I can get him with the pack and he does fine but it is only in supervision he is able to be with other dogs. I have had him with a few females several times and he does well for about a week or two. Then the females start very much avoiding him because he plays too rough with them and they don’t want anything to do with him. I have 24 dogs to complete his training is something that will need a lot more time. I give time to all the dogs. In order to completely finish his training he needs to be taken out daily socializing and teaching him being out in public is not about protection, relax and enjoy being out. I can take him out in public and he does[VW1]  really good. The only time I had a slight reaction was at a restaurant where waitress approaching the table made him nervous but I had enough control over him she never knew he was reacting to her. Please keep in mind I know what I am doing and the dogs know it. Milo will need a person that understands the breed, can handle his dog aggression and work him through it. A person that causes his protection instincts will end up with a human aggressive dog as well..

Im very clear on my dogs. I do not want them to end up in the wrong home and come back it just unstablizes them more and causes a lot of insecurities. I spent the last year and a half working on Milo and improving his insecurities. I have 2 options on adult dogs. Milo will need both. I will not rehome him and he comes back in a week. It will set him back on all he has gained. If you are not experienced do not ask to bring Milo home. In order to take Milo home you will get a week visitation where you will pay for him and can take him home, take him out in public do whatever you want with him but he will be returned each day. This will help his insecurities and becoming a friend to the person before take home. IF you decide you don’t want him then he stays here with a full refund on money as long as nothing happens to Milo during your care. Second week if you decide you want to keep him you will have a week guarantee on health but if returned $500 will be nonrefundable, nontransferable to a puppy. All this being said I will tell you Milo is an amazingly sweet dog that is just happy and joyful all the time just like his daddy. He is gentle enough that my mom at 75 years old says he is her favorite. She constantly cuddles him and he always has kisses for grandma. You are not going to get the dog we see in a few weeks. You will need to work on his trust and loyalty and earn it.. Its not about you bonding with the dog. Its about you earning the bond with the dog. IF you ask me how do I know if I can bond with this dog then you are the wrong person for Milo. Every dog I have returned I never expect them to bond with me. I give them love and understanding and help them see I am there for them. I earn their loyalty and love. They bond with me when they are ready not when I am…

Note: About a year ago I had 7 dogs catch kennel cough all of them but Milo and Rexee got over it within a week. Milo and Rexee had it pretty severe for about 3 months. I feel it slightly damaged their larynx. Which the only time you can tell is I use a slip lead in training which causes alot of coughing with Milo and Rexee. The vet recommending a prong collar which is less pressure around the neck but still gives you control. Ive had no coughing or straining since I took both dogs off the slip lead. This is the only health issue I have with Milo. Overall he is a very healthy energetic boy. 

Shiva  born 3/19/20          $300

Shiva I am retiring because I am really working on trying to get my younger pack all as a pack. Shiva is a very dominate female and only does well with male dogs. I haven’t had any dog aggression taking her out in public but that doesn’t mean if she gets with a softer personality in a human she wont turn protective. I took Shiva to be bred just recently and the vets office took her out to go potty. They couldn’t get near her and had to come get me to call her to me. She had to have the last word and looked at every single person which was 4 and growled at each one before she settle down at my side and we finished the vet visit. She had to let every person there know she was not happy what they did. I will lean more towards Shiva being a guard dog not a service dog. She is very protective. Very sweet and gentle with the family. She isn’t a big fan of visitors but does fine just doesn’t go near a stranger to be petted.. I haven’t had any concerning health issues with her but one. She is extremely finicky with food making it extremely difficult to get her weight up to breed. Her energic is high she is a very loving joyful dog. Spaying her will help a lot on weight gain. She isn’t extremely skinny, she is all lean muscle. She is on the higher end of energy… so she will need a job to keep her mind occupied..

Options on getting an adult dog:

First Option is called a visitation week. You must pay for the dog before taking the dog anywhere. As long as dog is returned safely, money will be fully refundable at the end of the visitation week. You will be allowed to take the dog anywhere you would like, to get a good feeling on the dog being a good fit for you and your family, the dog is to be returned the same day. You will sign an agreement that you take full responsibility of any actions the dog does when you are responsible for it. If the dog gets away from you, you do not get a refund… You are completely responsible for the dog while it is in your care… If the dog gets hurt in anyway you are responsible for vet costs, etc…

Anyone can skip visitation week and go to Second Option You can pay for the dog in full and take the dog home. You have a week guarantee on the dog. If you decide the dog is not a good fit for your home, you may bring it back but no refund will be given. $500 is nonrefundable. The money can be transferred to a future puppy but must meet the required $500 deposit.

NOTE: Reasoning behind a $500 nonrefundable return of dog. I have had too many people get my adult dogs and in the week’s guarantee, they return the dog. It can take me a minimum of 2 weeks to get the dog settle back down. In a week a dog will start creating a bond with their new family. Whether the family feels the bond or not… I have had an adult dog returned, after a second home, refuse to eat and I had to spoon fed him for 2 weeks before I finally got him to eat on his own. (Milo) Do not get an adult dog to save money! Most adult dogs returned to me have behavior issues that will need worked on.. My dogs I raised myself going into a new home within 2 weeks they forget all the training they grew up with in my home.. Ive had dogs in a month’s time come back dog aggressive, when in my home they never showed aggression and was very sweet and timid… Every home is different. I cant tell you how the dog is going to behave in your home environment. I can only tell you how they behave in mine… Your energy, consistency, patience, love and understanding will create the dog you end up with. Do not tell me you don’t feel a bond with the dog… I will tell you now.. I never expect, on return of a dog, that they bond with me… I work on that bond.. I show them I am there for them no matter what and they quickly give me that devotion and love back… YOU create the bond not them…