Shadow Falke Wustefeuer born 9/1/15    $1500

I have been testing Shadow to see what I feel would be challenging for her new home. I have tested her at the dog park, with other people handling her, a duck pond. So far what I see is… She does really well on leash as far as pulling goes, she is actually pretty light on the leash, but she does tend to try to be out front, which you tend to get with a dominant female like she is. She has been with the pack for about a year and a half so the leash training needs work. The first year and a half I put a lot of training into the dogs. Then going into the pack, it is more about being able to handle being around a large group of dogs and occasionally getting road trips with mom. I can only take 4 dogs at a time right now. So, we tend to try to give everyone a chance for a road trip as often as possible. Her targeting other animals is awesome. I took her to the duck pond which was full of people, kids and ducks and she walked through with no stress at all. Her biggest issues I have seen is dog aggression, her hair raises as soon as she sees a dog estimating 100 feet. The aggression is easy to redirect but her target is not. She has very strong target and does not like to look away from a potential threat. She tends to whine when she can’t go after the dog, that is how she handles being corrected on the aggression. She knows she is not allowed to go after the dog and will complain about it. Her owner separation anxiety can be pretty high but we are working on that. After a week she is mild on her whine with being separated from me as well as walking past the dog park. The first day was medium level of anxiety. My opinion is her dog aggression and owner separation is a medium level. But I also feel with working on it every day she will quickly learn. Keep in mind I have 17 dogs. Shadow is not worked with daily on redirecting. I try to take her out 2 to 3 times a week to remind her of the manners she learned as a pup. Now being out in public I said her levels are about medium. At home they are about medium high. I am working on her joining the social class. But that can be difficult when I have dogs that have higher levels of aggression than she does in the class. My pack is not perfect on manners, and they do not like when mom handles an aggressive dog. Their biggest difficulty is the weekends when they know mom works with dangerous dogs that may hurt her. Shadow is extremely protective at home. Her whine is a high level at home when class starts and so far I haven’t gotten her in the class. She reminds me of Moogle. I can take Moogle out in public and Moogle does really well in public. Moogle actually does better than Shadow in public just because out in public Moogle is just happy being on a road trip, dogs and people mean nothing to her lol, but when it comes to their home, they are protective and will take more time in redirecting it. Shadow does pretty well with people. She is not people friendly where she wants to be petted by strangers, she just ignores strangers. Very loving, sweet dog to her family. I have only seen her raise her hair at a person when last time I went to the dog park a homeless guy was staring at us while I walked past him. She didn’t growl or anything but would not break her target from the guy and her hair stood up.  Keep in mind I deal with aggressive dogs all the time so my evaluating her is from my experience. She is pretty average with her attitude when it comes to female german shepherds they are typically dog aggressive. But she is a very strong, dominate average female. So that can make a big difference in the importance of the owner's energy being in control.