Moogle Dutchess born May 9, 2011

When I bought Moogle I had 3 litters to choose from, out of all the puppies she was the only

one that was bouncing everywhere, as little as she was she kept bouncing off my chest.

She was just so full of joy and fun. As experience as I am with the german shepherd I

knew she was going to be a pain in the butt. She has brought such joy to the pack. She is

my sergeant mother that any pup that comes into the pack becomes her puppy. She will

claim in baby whether it is a child or puppy as her own. She is a very sweet loving mom.

12 weeks 37 pounds

7 months old


year old






Moogle is my sergeant mother for puppies. All puppies of the pack eventually become hers. Her job is to teach the pack puppies how to behave. She is also very protective of little ones of our family that come to  visit. She is a very sweet loving girl to the family, but she does not do well around strangers off leash. She is my only dog that I do keep separate when we have visitors.

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